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Basement Digging

Basement Digging

Building a new home, give us a call to help you start the project.  Don’t consider basement digging without speaking to the professionals at Drainman. (701)595-0053

Digging out a basement for only new basements available.  Ideally, you should consider factors such as design, feasibility, function, and the cost, before deciding which option is optimal.  For some homeowners, yard or lot space is limited, thus leading to basement digging being a real option. Why give up yard space when there is room below the home?

Before undertaking basement digging, take into consideration the following:

  • Waterproofing – Basements need to be fully waterproofed and damp free before finishing.
  • Local Building Codes – Building codes may prohibit the digging of a basement. We recommend contacting the local building department to apply for a permit. Drainman can help with the process.
  • Grading – Grading is a common problem with crawlspaces and basements. Improper grading does not slope down away from the house, which causes moisture problems in the basement during rain.
  • Water – Digging sometimes uncovers natural underground streams. Thorough home planning and research will help discover possible issues early in the process.
  • Pests – Unearthing a pest problem is not something to look forward when digging a basement. It is possible to disturb underground insect and animal homes that may cause them to enter the rest of your house.
  • Hauling Dirt
  • Encountering Solid Rock

Every step, of the process of digging a basement, Drainman will be by your side, from estimate and assessment to planning and completion. Go with North Dakota’s trusted company, Drainman.  Let us help you decide if a basement digging project is right for you and your home. (701)595-0053