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Drain Tile Installation

Drain Tile Installation

Across North Dakota, homes experience water intrusion in basements or crawl spaces. The accumulation of water in low-lying areas, if not removed properly from your home can become a serious problem. Over time, water will damage the foundation, ruin possessions, and facilitate mold and mildew growth.  Drainman can help with a solution.  The installation of drain tile.  Free Estimate (701)595-0053

Drainman recommends drain tile installation to solve water problems. Drain tile installation is designed to help you keep your basement or crawl space safe and dry.

How Drain Tile Installation Works

Drain Tile Installation consists of gravel and pipes with porous grates installed strategically around the property to funnel water away from your home.  Drainman determines the exact spots where water leaks into your home, then we dig a ditch around the perimeter of your property and install a series of drain tiles that divert water into the ditch. The drain tiles are covered by gravel, which allows water to freely flow through the drain tiles.

Sometimes, a previous drain tile installation needs repair due to ineffective draining or malfunction. Drainman can repair your drain tile quickly and with little hassle. We just need to do a full inspection to make sure all issues are repaired.

Drain tiles are extremely effective when it comes to keeping water out of basements and crawl spaces. For drain tile installation across North Dakota, contact Drainman. Give us a call at (701)595-0053.