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New Construction Dickinson

New Construction Dickinson

Drain Man Plumbing has provided new construction plumbing for Dickinson, ND custom home builders and commercial and industrial contractors for a multitude of years. Our residential and commercial new construction plumbing division is known for reliable and dependable service while getting the job done correctly and on time.  The Dickinson Drain Man reputation is one of unwavering integrity and built on a foundation of solid plumbing experience and expertise. When working on a project, we will generate detailed engineering drawings after multiple consultations with the builder, architect and contractors. Many times, we have been asked to finish, repair or replace work already underway by other plumbers or plumbing companies. Due to the underground nature of construction plumbing, in walls, in ceilings or in floors after the structure is complete, problems can often go undetected.  Undetected problems usually don’t appear till later and can be costly to correct.

Drain Man is Dickinson’s certified new construction plumbing company.  We have the required equipment, personal and management resources to meet contract requirements and deliver industrial-grade products, construction, services, value and reliability anticipated for state of the art new construction plumbing solutions.  We take our responsibility serious as your construction plumbing company to safeguard the quality and integrity of the job site by complying with industry practices and strict adherence to project specifications.

There are distinct advantages of working with Drain Man Plumbing on your new construction plumbing:

  • A long, proven track record as a construction plumbing contractor
  • Broad experience with all types of new, expansion and renovation construction
  • Responsibility, reliability and support
  • Professional design and execution of plans and drawings
  • Competitive cost, greater value
  • Extensive equipment and parts
  • On time and on budget
  • Excellent references

We see our customers as a asset and part of our family, thus we take pride in our work and are very serious in making sure it is the best in the industry.  We will provide the very best value for your project.

The invitation is open to explore the option to select Drain Man Plumbing as your commercial or residential construction plumber. Our expert and meticulous estimating department will provide a quote we both can count on from start to finish and beyond.

Call (701)595-0053 for a no-obligation estimate or to discuss your Dickinson project.