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Pipe Televising and Location Services

Pipe Televising and Location Services

Drainman uses advanced state-of-the-art technology to identify problems occurring with underground sewer pipes.  With the utilization of a sewer video camera system, we can identify the location of dips, cracks, and pipes with other negative issues. If root infiltration is the problem, we can determine that quickly also.  Once we identify the sewer line interference, the Drainman professionals begin the process of developing a comprehensive problem correction plan.  The plan may include simple repairs, or the replacement of the sewer pipes, if required. Our plumbers are experienced in residential and commercial plumbing and will answer your questions before proceeding.

Save Time and Money with Video Pipe Inspection

Before the era of modern plumbing technology, determining sewer problems without undergoing excavation was almost impossible, expensive, destructive, and a hassle. Today’s modern video inspection all the negatives from the past. Not only can a camera accurately pinpoint the problem, it often spots items like rings or other valuables that may have fallen down the drain.

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