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Are you looking to change up your existing bathroom or kitchen? When you take on a project like this there is an order of repair that is recommended. Drain Man is the expert in laying out the plumbing and other requirements needed to make sure you remodel goes smoothly with little to no issues. If you follow these simple and through steps you will maximize your time and prevent ruining completed work.

  1. Wall Placement: The first step requires precise planning, due to building codes requirements, including certain clearances around toilets and sinks.
  2. Wall Construction and Drain Line Installation: Our recommendation is to leave drain and water supply pipe installation to a certified experienced plumber. The rule of thumb, wood floor, then wall first, drain lines second. If concrete, then drain lines first, wall second.
  3. Shower or Tub Installation: When complete with #2, install the remaining plumbing drain lines and vent pipes, followed by the bathtub or shower. Second, cover the tub or shower walls with a heavy drop cloth for protection and install all water supply lines.
  4. Heating and Cooling Ductwork: Dedicate places for supply registers, heat piping, and ventilation for exhaust fans.
  5. Electrical Installation: Run electrical wires and be sure no wall-mounted fixtures obstruct the places you plan to install mirrors or medicine cabinets.
  6. Insulation
  7. Cement Board and Drywall Installation: Drywall is need for bathroom walls and cement board is designed for anywhere you plan to cover with ceramic tile.
  8. Tile Installation.
  9. Door and Trim Installation.
  10. Toilet and Sink Installation.
  11. Install Final Accessories: Mirrors, towel bars and other accessories go in last.

Kitchens are similar and your Drain Man Specialist can help you through the process either way. When it comes to kitchens you may choose to add an extra sink or an island sink. Did you know island sinks require loop vents? Also, you need to consider that stoves and ovens require gas lines. On the other hand, laundry sinks and laundry drains can be relocated rather easily. However, we recommend laundry locations be on the bottom floor or in the garage. We always recommend checking with a licensed plumber before you start a remodeling plumbing project.

For help completing your bathroom or kitchen remodel, please contact Drain Man in Bismarck, Mandan, or Dickinson today.