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Septic System Installation and Replacement

Septic System Installation and Replacement

There are not many things more overwhelming than the installation or replacement of septic system.  Drainman is the trusted and dependable installer of septic systems in North Dakota.  Septic System New Installation and Replacement.  Drainman specializes in customized installation, repair, quality products and extraordinarily responsive service.  Drainman understands the unique topographical features and the specific requirements of North Dakota soil, landscape, and regulations ensuring your septic system works as efficiently as possible and meets or exceeds local standards.  Call today for a free estimate (701)595-0053

Certified Septic System Installer

Every type of septic systems, including specialty systems, such as mounded, pressure dosing, and infiltrator systems, as well as expansions for new home additions or outdated systems, are offered by Drainman.  Furthermore, we offer replacement parts and septic repair, which includes repairing broken lines, wornout baffles and Ts, aged seepage pits, etc.  Our customized method makes our services the perfect for residential, commercial and industrial properties, whether a new system installation or specialized repairs are required.

  • Fully certified for your protection.
  • Convenient service hours to accommodate your schedule.
  • Extensive Regional Experience.
  • Top-quality brands to increase your property value.

Things to Consider

  • Pump type
  • Tank design
  • Size

We are proud to offer septic system installation and repair across North Dakota.  When contracting Drainman to install or your septic system, you’ll have the benefit of fair pricing, quick, attentive service and quality workmanship.

For first class customer service, you can rely on Drainman, the septic system installation and repair specialist!   (701)595-0053