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Sewer and Water Installation

Sewer and Water Installation

DrainMan, North Dakota’s trusted residential and commercial service provider, offers water and sewer line installation.  Our highly skilled and experienced technicians can dig and lay pipe in any soil and landscape type, using only the very best equipment.  New residential or commercial construction or replacement or repair of old sewer and water pipes, Drainman is exceptionally equipped to handle any sewer and water installation project. Free Estimate (701)595-0053

Drainman has been the go-to and trusted sewer and water installer in North Dakota for years. Our reputation speaks for itself and you will not be dissatisfied with the service we provide. New pipe installation is one thing but the maintenance of pipes as they age is also important. There are three main causes of pipe damage in sewer and water lines: 1) lack of preventative maintenance; 2) environmental changes; and 3) the deteriorating effects of time. Remember to schedule regular maintenance with Drainman after new pipes are installed.

Incorrect Installation

If installed incorrectly, sewage and water lines will have increased maintenance costs down the road. The best preventative maintenance is proper installation. What are the results of improper installation? Loose or leaky joints, broken seals, and the potential for root penetration. These issues can result in fluid leaking into the surrounding dirt and corroding the exposed pipe. Once this process of corroded pipe damage begins, it can lead to collapses in the line and restricted flow. Drainman uses industry standard materials to guarantee that the pipes are laid correctly the first time.

Whatever your sewer and water installation requirements, Drainman can provide excellent service upon request. (701)595-0053